Welcome to The PoJoe Libraries
Sit back, and grab a cup of Joe.
What is PoJoe?

Over the last few years, Java landscape has become dominated by large and complex J2EE-based frameworks and components. However, members of the PoJoe community believe that the Java development environment is better served with simple, reusable, light-weight, plain old java (POJO) objects. The PoJoe Libraries are a set of of J2SE components that we have found useful in our day-to-day development and choose to share with other developers.


To encourage their use in all sorts of applications, The PoJoe Libraries are distributed, using the Apache License. To download the libraries, including source and binary code, go to Downloads.


The core set of objects in The PoJoe Libraries are based on components that were developed for the OSMQ message broker suite. PoJoe is a developer-run community, sharing components that have been used to build robust and useful applications. In the spirit of open source, you are encouraged to contribute additoinal components to the library, and to provide feedback regarding enhancements that you deem appropriate to the current set of utilities.

Copyright (c) 1999-2011 George White and other contributors.
All rights reserved.